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Although Wleń is not a city with a highly developed infrastructure, it offers traveling tourists numerous attractions. Apart from the possibility of spending time actively in full symbiosis with nature, it also offers sports, cultural and entertainment events. The most popular and gathering the largest number of participants certainly include:  



- the Memorial Uliczny im. Michał Fludra in Wleń - a run that provides a large dose of sports emotions,  



The Crucible of Tradition in Wleń and the Craft Fair held as part of this cycle - it is a celebration of regional traditions and the opportunity to try local delicacies,  



as well as the International Lumberjack Tournament, which is a cultural and entertainment festival during which the values of the region are presented - the event takes place during the Wlenia Days in June.  



It is also worth taking part in many other events organized on a smaller scale, focused primarily on the main attractions of the city, such as the regularly organized night tour of the Castle in Wleń. 

Wleń days

Damski Race

In our city annually there are city wlen days welcome

The Pilchowice Dam


The highest stone and arched dam in Poland on November 16, 1912, the dam was officially opened by Emperor Wilhelm II. The dam is 62 m high and its crown is 270 m wide. 240 ha and a capacity of 50 million cubic meters.

Wrzeszczyn Water Reservoir

The Wrzeszczyn water reservoir also called the Wrzeszczyńskie Lake. It is a dam lake on the Bóbr River. The water reservoir forms the Wrzeszczyńskie Lake, stretching between Wrzeszczyn and Siedlęcin


Palace in Maciejówcu

Classicist palace built in 1834-1838.


Church of Our Lady of Lourdes


It is founded in Bystrzyca

Evangelical commune from 1742

The abandoned manor remains in the year

converted into a church and after the Second World War, it was taken over by the parish


Ostrzyca Proboszczowska


A volcanic mountain located in

Kaczewskie Foothills, from 450 m

above sea level there is a nature reserve.

Canoeing trips Camping Dolina Bóbr

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