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On foot

Experience unforgettable moments while hiking in the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park surrounding our Camping Wleń Zarzecze. We recommend trails of various difficulty levels, leading through forests, meadows or gorges, often marked out near lakes or allowing you to admire historic buildings.



Breathtaking views, fresh air and closeness to nature. If you decide to spend time at our Camping Wleń Zarzecze, be sure to go on a bicycle route in the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park. The meandering river, mountain landscape and the possibility of exploring the areas around the famous dam in Pilchowice encourage active recreation.



Located in the Bóbr Valley, Camping Wleń Zarzecze invites you to a pontoon and canoeing trip, during which you can relax and enjoy close contact with nature. Take a trip to Marczów, Dębowy Gaj or Lwówek Śląski and enjoy every moment of your vacation in this unique, recommended location.

Kayaking trips Camping Dolina Bóbr

If you value active recreation and love to stay in a tent, listening to the sounds of the forest and the soothing murmur of the nearby river, you will certainly appreciate our offer.

The best camping site in Wleń

Camping Wleń Zarzecze is a unique place - located in the Bóbr Valley, surrounded by a Landscape Park offering almost unlimited space, including for walking and cycling tours. Away from the noisy city and noisy commercial holiday resorts, it will allow you to regain your balance and remember how pleasant it is to breathe fresh air and feel cool, tickling blades of grass under your bare feet.

Hiking and biking trails

The Bóbr Valley is primarily picturesque landscapes of mountain character. Ravines and hills, green meadows and forests, as well as the proximity of water reservoirs are a definite advantage of this location. They also encourage active use of designated bicycle routes and hiking trails of various lengths and levels of difficulty. You will certainly appreciate a bicycle trip to Marczów - a village with a chain system preserved to this day, or a hike along the Plum path with beautiful views of the Karkonosze Mountains. You will also love the forested Owl Valley connecting Modrzew with Tarczyn, or the Wrzeszczyńskie Lake situated in the shade of old trees.

Rafting and canoeing

As our camping site is located right next to the Bóbr River, we can also offer our guests attractive pontoon and kayaking trips. It is not only great fun, but also the opportunity to admire the picturesque views from a completely different perspective. We have planned all routes so that their level of difficulty does not discourage inexperienced people from taking part in the trips.

Contact us and find out more

If the decision has been made and you already know that you want to spend time at Camping Wleń Zarzecze, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will arrange the date of stay and all the details, we will also provide additional information and answer all your questions.


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