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spend your vacation and free time with us and an unforgettable rest is guaranteed

Why is it worth choosing our camping?


Camping Wlen Zarzecze is the perfect place to be  calm down and relax.

  Situated directly on the bank of the Bóbr river in a picturesque place of the even more picturesque town of Wlen. Known as the pearl of the Bóbr Valley.

We know very well how important for our guests is a comfortable rest in the bosom of nature, allowing them to cut themselves off from the crowded, noisy city for some time. That is why we made sure that Camping Wleń Zarzecze is a place where you can fully relax during your summer holidays, taking advantage of numerous attractions and amenities. 




The Camping Wleń Zarzecze we run is an atmospheric place to wind down and relax. Intimate, with an area of 0.2928 ha, it offers two places for a bonfire, a trampoline for children, table football and a brick ping-pong table. It is located directly on the bank of the Bóbr River (183 km) in a picturesque place of the even more picturesque town of Wleń, known as the pearl of the Bóbr Valley. 

Located in Lower Silesia, Wleń is a town of exceptional tourist value, less than 20 kilometers from Lwówek Śląski. It is an excellent base for all those planning to explore the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park, the vicinity of Pilchowickie Lake or the “Góra Zamkowa” reserve. In the vicinity of the campsite there is also the town hall from the 18th century in the center of the city, inscribed on the list of monuments, built in the 16th century and rebuilt many times, the palace in Wleń, as well as the Lenno Palace from the 17th century and the ruins of the Lenno Castle located in Łupki. 


Sanitary facilities at Camping Wleń Zarzecze 

Currently, guests of our campground can use a completely new, very well-prepared sanitary facilities. There are 6 toilets and 5 showers. In addition, you can use the refrigerator, gas stove and kettle. The camping has an infrastructure that allows you to connect to the electricity network after paying a small daily fee, and also offers free mobile phone charging. All these amenities make spending free time at the Wleń Zarzecze campsite even more enjoyable. 


Our offer was created for people who value close contact with nature and active recreation. Camping Zarzecze Wleń is a place where you can calm down and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, especially during canoeing or raft trips. What's more, while exploring the area on foot or by bike, you will get to know the key places for the region and appreciate their cultural value. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us and book a tent or caravan site for the upcoming season.  

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