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Wleń Zarzecze

Welcome to Camping Wleń Zarzecze

Camping Wlen Zarzecze is located in a quiet spot in the picturesque town of Wlen, in the heart of the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park. It offers its guests relaxation in a unique atmosphere on the banks of the Bóbr River. It is an excellent starting point for countless local attractions such as

Wlen Castle, Rycerska Tower, Pilichowice Dam, Palacow i Ogrodow Valley and many others.

Pearl of the West (

We have forests, rivers, mountains, unique nature, many interesting places with a hint of mystery or incredible stories that can be discovered during long walks to places where you can feel the unique atmosphere at every step. Cycling, canoeing or fishing trips also cannot be missed. There is something for everyone.

You will find something for both children and adults - for all of you who want to get away from your daily routine and responsibilities. You can immerse yourself in history for a while, commune with nature or decide on an active holiday.

In short, complete relaxation.


There is a canoe base in our area.

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